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chiropractor in Granville

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18 rue Jules Michelet

 50400 Granville

closed on Wednesday, Saturday afternoon and Sunday

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Some informations about chiropratic

Chiropratic [ ki.ʁɔ.pʁ ] f.n 

A therapeutic method for treating various conditions by manipulating the vertebrae.

Chiropractic involves the prevention, diagnosis or treatment of joint-related pathologies.


The chiropractic brings a natural answer to the most common problems of back and joints


The chiropractic suits at all the ages. Infants, children, teenagers, senior, pregnant adults, women, all can consult a chiroprator

HOW ? 

The chiropractor resorts to the manual or instrumental manipulations, and to the mobilization of the joints to calm the pains and improve the mobility


His exercise as a professionnal of the healthcare have been  legalised in 2002 with the "law of Kouchner". They are recorded with the regional agencies of health

The chiropractic philosophy is to make the decision not to wait for illness to heal but to work on yourself and with yourself to stay healthy.

Hi !  I am Gilles DORIRY

I graduated from the Institut Franco-Européen de Chiropraxie in 1991 and moved to Granville the following year. Also a member of the Association Française de Chiropraxie (AFC), I continue to train regularly to maintain my level of skills and update my knowledge.

In the service of my patient for more than 30 years now, my goal is to help the greatest number of people in the recovery of a better quality of life.

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