NCC -  « Dissection of human body » certificate- Lombard (USA) - 1988 
 l'Institut Franco European of Chiropraxie (IFEC) 's diploma - 1991
NBCE - National Board of Chiropratic Examiners - USA - 1994
"Instrumental Adjustement" Certificate - USA Nov 2015

Chiropractic biographie

Chiropractor in Granville  since 1992
Member of the l'AFC (Association Française de Chiropraxie)
Former teacher at the IFEC

Techniques used by your practitioner

The manual vertebral manipulations
The manipulation is a unique, brief and dry operation exercised on a joint to allow him to find its mobility bakc. This manipulation improve the function and\or to reduce the pain.

The instrumental manipulations


They are manipulations which are lavished by the us of a specific instrument of the profession. They are used for the people not supporting or not wishing to be treated manually. They have security aspects and are very comfortable.

Your chiropractor is certified in this domain..

The mechanically assisted manipulations
They are manipulations assisted by a special table told "drop", to mobilize a joint in a more comfortable way for the patient.

The mobilization of the joints

The mobilization is a movement of big amplitude, applied to a joint, within the limits of its usual possibility. The mobilization aims a gain of articular amplitude and\or a stretching of soft fabrics (muscles and tendons, in particular).